We Guarantee

Authenticity Verified guarantees the public that you are the owner of this domain; and that the disclosures you make about the ownership of this domain are true and factual. We guarantee the public that you are running an authentic and legitimate business doing exactly what you say you are doing. We will verify this information before issuing you a Certificate of Authenticity.

Authenticity Verified will issue you a Certificate of Authenticity if we accept you and your company to receive our services. That certificate can become a page on your website. We will also add your company to a list of companies whose websites we approve. in the following categories:

This allows the public to verify from an independent and reliable source that you are who you say you are, that you do what you say you do, and that their identity will be protected when doing business with you.

We take our duty to the public very, very seriously. If your website is suspended for any reason, we will remove your company listing from our website until you are reinstated.

Unfortunately, if you refuse to reinstate your suspended website we will revoke your website’s certification.