Authenticity Verified and Veracity Verified merged during November 2016 to verify both the honesty and truth contained in websites. By combining our efforts we are able to provide clients more services for less money.

We decided to:

Use the name Authenticity Verified for the new company.
Redirect the Veracity Verified website to our new website.
Publish a list of certified websites on our website.
Issue certificates to approved companies in addition to seals for their website that link to our website for public viewing.

About the New Us

The new Authenticity Verified is an independent web domain certification service designed to protect the public from unscrupulous people using the Internet — people who make a profit through false advertising, unsecured gateways and illegal activities designed to fleece the public.

The new Authenticity Verified guarantees the public that you and your company are ethically, honestly, morally and professionally telling the absolute truth about your products and services. For more information see: We Guarantee